This short film revolves around fear, or more aptly put, phobias. Phobias are brutal, they are nonesensical and could damage our judgement or even our everyday thinking if severe enough. There are countless types of phobias that exist in the world, and I chose one that I feel strongly about. I don't know how I feel about it, whether I feel its the worst or if it's understandable.

This particular fear is called Haphephobia, and it's the fear of being touched. How terribly lonely a life and how difficult it must be to overcome one's fear, when one's fear is to be touched in a world filled with billions of people. It is so excrutiating that it reaches a certain point where paranoia comes into play, and you can no longer trust your senses.

You know when you sometimes think someone is calling your name, and you turn around in the direction of that sound and you see no one, but you were positive that you heard it? Well, it's kind of like that but ten times worse. Is this man living a reality or a nightmare? Is he really being attacked or stained by the people he encounters in everyday life? Or is his mind twisting reality due to his fears? What is real anymore? How can you be sure that what is happening to you right now is actually happening? These are all questions that are brought up in this short film called Tangeret, the latin word for "touch."